Al Horford Chooses Boston Celtics in Free Agency Decision

Al Horford chooses Boston Celtics as the free agent inked a 4 year, $113 million dollar contract with the team. The veteran center has only played with Atlanta since his debut into the league from the University of Florida. Horford is a career 50% field goal shooter who developed a 3 point game in his recent years in Atlanta. He joins a Celtics team that has some depth, but lacked veteran leadership in the locker room.

Head coach Brad Stevens hopes that he can spark some of the younger guys on the team:

“The biggest thing is he’s a person that constantly enhances his teammates on the floor,” said Stevens. “I don’t think that there’s a better example out there for our players.”


Boston Finds a Rock in the Center

The Boston Celtics are a team full of younger players that have played excellent together over the last 3 seasons under Stevens. Executive Danny Ainge is hopeful about his acquisition’s impact:

“It definitely makes us better than we were last year with his versatility, experience, leadership that we’ve all talked about today.”

Al Horford Chooses Boston Celtics

Al Horford Chooses Boston Celtics

However, Ainge is not quite done reconstructing the roster. He intends on adding more players, saying they still had plenty of work to do before next season. Boston finished as a 5th seed in last year’s playoff, but could have been a three seed if not for an intricate four-way tie-breaker.

Ainge and Stevens believe this team is a legitimate contender for the East and leaves Boston fans drooling for next season already.

Rumor had it that Horford and Durant had spoken during the offseason about joining forces in Boston. Durant chose to stay in the West and Horford in the East. “I talked to Kevin. I have to say that he definitely considered the possibility,” Horford said.

“There’s a lot of history here. I feel like everyone around the league respects it.  It’s a big part of the reason that I chose to come here,” Horford said in response to whether or not big free agents consider Boston. “In years to come, I feel like this will open the doors for many other big free agents.  People will see how special this place is.”

Boston is never short on hoops history, but Celtics’ fans are ready to begin the next chapter. They haven’t’ hung a championship banner since 2008. Owner Wyc Grousbec was quoted Friday morning, saying:

“We’re hoping that we can work together on that one.”

Boston Celtics’ fans certainly agree.

(Al Horford Chooses Boston Celtics)