Monetize & Revenue: Earn Money


Team SNG wants all contributors to make a profit for your time and effort you put in when you create content. We allow you to sell advertising on all your content. We don’t allow any Ads that contain Sexual Content, Porn, or Online Casino.

You sell it you keep 100% of the revenue you generate. Implementing a simple marketing strategy will go a long way.  The more you hustle by posting and sharing your work to social media platforms, forums, and generate popularity, the more money opportunities you will create for yourself.

Performing a generic search in Google will provide you with all the information you need about joining ad networks/affiliate programs. Before you join any ad network make sure that it is an active one with up-to-date links and banners. Also, make sure the links and banners they provide have HTML code that work with your post.


Here are some options to help get you started

(You Cannot Use Google AdSense)



Cj Affiliate by Conversant

Amazon Associates