Yankees Defeat Houston Astros 16-6

In a game that felt like a trip back to the “steroid era” of baseball, the New York Yankees defeat Houston Astros 16-6.

Pitching was almost non-existent, as both teams hit in the double digits for hits (17 for NY, 12 for HOU)  and combined for six home runs hit in the game.

Collin McHugh’s Absurd ERA After This Game

After an extremely short start on the mound, not even getting through the first inning, McHugh gave up 6 runs. However, 5 of those were earned, as the 1st run scored by New York was from Jacoby Ellsbury reaching first base on a catcher interference error from Jason Castro.

From only pitching 0.1 innings and allowing 5 earned runs, Collin McHugh has a whopping 135.00 ERA to start off his 2016 campaign.

Parade of Hits

Yankees Defeat Houston Astros

Mark Teixeira bats in 4 RBI’s as the Yankees defeat Houston Astros 16-6.

Not only were six total home runs hit in this game between the two teams, a grand slam was hit by Houston’s George Springer in the 2nd inning after the Yankees went on a 6 run rally in the bottom of the first. The Yankees fired back in the bottom of the 2nd by scoring three more runs off of a 3-run blast from first baseman, Mark Teixeira. Starlin Castro also almost hit for the cycle by hitting a home run, a double, and 2 singles. It’s hard not to believe that the Yankees defeat Houston Astros 16-6.

Carlos Correa tried to get the offense going by hitting 4-5 with 2 solo home runs and 2 singles. Correa and Springer were the only sources of the Astros’ offense, as Correa batted in 2 from his home run hits and Springer batted in 4 from his grand slam blast in the 2nd inning.

The New York Yankees had everything clicking. Mark Teixeria had 4 RBIs, Starling Castro had an astonishing 5, Ronald Torreyas, Brian McCann, and Carlos Beltron batted 2 runs in, while 3rd baseman Chase Headley batted in a lone run.

Trouble for the Astros’ Bullpen

Yankees’ starter Michael Pineda pitched 5.0 IP with 8 hits, 6 earned runs, 4 strikeouts, and 0 walks. Pineda starts off his 2016 campaign with a 10.80 ERA. Reliever Ivan Nova came in during the 6th inning and shut down the Astros offense by not allowing any runs, allowing 4 hits, striking out 5, and walking only one batter.

Michael Feliz relieved for Colin McHugh to get the final 2 outs of the first, and pitched 4 full innings. His performance made the hole the Astros dug themselves in even bigger by allowing 6 earned runs, 4 walks, and 7 hits. The Astros’ bullpen kept digging themselves into deeper holes as out of 5 relievers who entered the game, only 1 did not allow a run.

Yankees defeat Houston Astros 16-6.