TSR MLB Power Rankings

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We are coming up on the post season and things are heating up. There are a few shake-ups and rumblings going on so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

1. Boston Red Sox |100-46| +2

First team to clinch a playoff spot, leading the league in runs scored, nearing the franchises fourth 100 win season. The only thing that will be able to stop the Red Sox this October is their own bullpen, plain and simple.

2. Houston Astros | 94-54| -1

The Astros got the slump out of the way at the right time, and are now streaking hard going down the stretch. With vintage Verlamder apparently back, it’ll be hard to stop these guys.

3. Oakland A’s |89-57| -1

If the Astros didn’t exist, this division would be an absolute cake walk for the A’s, who despite key pitching injuries, stay winning.

4. New York Yankees |90-56| +/-0

The Yanks are a weird team to watch right now, ultra talented, ultra inconsistent, they can’t seem to ever string much together, and in the postseason, that’s important.

5. Cleveland Indians |82-64| Unranked

Just because the Indians play in the worst division in baseball doesn’t mean they can’t ball with the big boys, we’ve seen how they handled Boston and Houston, October success is still a possibility.

6. Milwaukee Brewers |84-63| Unranked

Despite the outrageous collapse there a few weeks back, the Brew Crew has rallied to put together a fantastic September, and have been rewarded for it with playoff spot for the time being.

7. Chicago Cubs |84-61|+/- 0

Still leading the division, the Uber talented Cubs are probably the NL WS favorites in a few weeks time.

8. Atlanta Braves |82-64| Unranked

Consistency is key, and the Braves have been nothing if not consistent. They are leading their division, and while they aren’t quite looking like the Braves of ’95, they could be in the running to have some new hardware come October. Let’s hope they can stop giving their fans heart attacks and win their games earlier.

9. St. Louis Cardinals |81-65| -4

TSR’s pick to make it out of the NL. These boys have been playing .500 ball as of late, but are due to pick it up in the next few weeks. Better slump now than in October

10. Colorado Rockies |80-65| -2

Not much to say here, close division, they’re leading.

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