Pete Rose is unbelievably controversial. From blasting through catchers at All-Star Games to betting on his own team, he is as polarizing a figure as baseball has ever seen. The latest news hasn’t changed anything. 

He has been taken off the roster for the Philadelphia Phillies Alumni Weekend due to recent court documents that place him in a sexual relationship with a sixteen year old. The documents state, with Rose’s corroboration that he did have a relationship with “Jane Doe” in the 1970’s, but the start of the relationship is what is at the heart of the debate.

In Ohio, the legal age of consent is sixteen. It would also matter if she traveled outside the state with him as well. The statue of limitations will keep Rose from being criminally prosecuted. This is all in connection with an ongoing defamation lawsuit.

Coming Out, Smelling Like a Rose

Pete has been slowly tumbling from the grace and greatness he had built for himself in the 70’s and 80’s. When the accusations became deep enough for him to start taking popularity hits it was almost 1990. He has never been a complete shame from baseball and has absolutely never been absolved. It just seems like every time you turn around, there’s old Pete on the cover of the sports page.

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The old saying “Step in crap and come out smelling like a rose” takes on a new meaning if that flower is Pete. In his particular case, it’s a rose covered in crap and that crap just never seems to go away no matter how much he tries.

Plenty of people have excused him for his behavior in the past and it is certain that some will again, maybe no matter what the charge is. Either way, he most likely will be in the news again and no one knows what it could possibly be next.