New York Mets Pitcher Bartolo Colon Hits First Home Run vs. the San Diego Padres

New York Mets Pitcher Bartolo Colon Hits First Home Run

New York Mets Pitcher Bartolo Colon Hits First Home Run

Colon became the oldest player to hit his first major league home run, connecting Saturday night less than three weeks before his 43rd birthday, to help the New York Mets to a 6-3 victory over the San Diego Padres. Colon is the second-oldest Mets player to homer. Julio Franco homered on May 4, 2007, when he was 48 years.

With over  two thousand “7 line Army” fans in attendance, Bartolo Colon thrilled them with his first major league home run. Bartolo Colon has regularly been given the nickname “Big Sexy” from his teammates. Sure Mets fans have become accustomed to some amazing fielding by Colon, but never a deep blast to left field.

Colon’s Teammates Go Crazy

Bartolo Colon put all his weight behind that swing and it caused his teammates to go nuts. As the Mets’ dugout went wild, Colon watched the ball all the way to its landing spot in the seats in the left-field corner. The portly pitcher’s trot around the bases after hitting the impressive two-run shot took about 30 seconds.When he returned to the dugout, his teammates were hiding in the tunnel before coming out to mob him.

New York Mets Pitcher Bartolo Colon Hits First Home RunBartolo Colon won the 2005 AL Cy Young Award while with the Los Angeles Angels and is a three-time All-Star. Before his home run, he was a career .089 hitter in 225 at-bats, striking out 119 times. The last three seasons, Colon has been the most consistent starter on a young and talented Met’s rotation.

He’s also the oldest active player in the MLB and the last person still in the game who actually played for the Expos when they were still a team. Bartolo Colon’s average velocity is in the 80’s these days, but he still strikes hitters with his sheer technical skill. Apparently, 40 is the new 30.

Pitchers pretty much train their whole lives to be pitchers only. In the American League, they don’t even bat at all. Still, in the National League, it’s rare for a pitcher to even get a hit — usually they have the lowest batting average on the whole team. For a pitcher to get a home run is incredibly rare and incredibly embarrassing for the opposing team’s pitcher. Sorry James Shields.

(New York Mets Pitcher Bartolo Colon Hits First Home Run)