MLB Suspends Jose Reyes Through May 31st Regarding Domestic Abuse Incident

MLB Suspends Jose Reyes

MLB Suspends Jose Reyes

On Friday, the MLB announced that the Colorado Rockies’ shortstop, Jose Reyes, would be suspended through May 31st. Reyes was arrested in Hawaii back in October for domestic abuse charges against his wife Katherine. The attack took place at a hotel, where Reyes grabbed and shoved his wife into a sliding glass door. A 911 call recording revealed that a hotel security guard reported the incident and described Reyes’ wifes injuries to her thigh, leg and neck.

He pleaded not guilty to abusing a family or household member and was released on $1,000 bail and told to stay away from his wife for 3 days.

Reyes was scheduled to go on trial in April, but Maui County Prosecutors dismissed the case against the former Mets’ all-star in March, deeming Katherine an “uncooperative witness” for failure to talk with authorities regarding the incident. However, the option to file charges against Reyes is in effect through 2017.

Despite the case dismissal, the suspension was a disciplinary action taken by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, a result of the Baseball Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy, which went into effect last August, granting the commissioner authority to discipline players, regardless of whether charges were filed.

“My office has completed its investigation into the allegation that Jose Reyes committed an act of domestic violence on October 31, 2015. The investigation was prolonged and complicated initially by the existence of a pending criminal proceeding against Mr. Reyes in Hawaii involving the same allegation, which has since been dismissed. Mr. Reyes cooperated fully with my office’s investigation,” Manfred said in a statement.

“Having reviewed all of the available evidence, I have concluded that Mr. Reyes violated the Policy and should be subject to discipline in the form of an unpaid suspension that will expire on May 31st. I am encouraged by Mr. Reyes’ commitment to the treatment provisions of the Policy in order to ensure that such an incident does not occur in the future,” Manfred continued.

What This Suspension Means

Prior to Friday’s announcement, Jose Reyes had been subjected to paid leave since February 23, resulting in 35 missed games. Following the current ban, he is expected to miss 52 regular season games and to top it off, Reyes will lose an estimated $7 million of his $22 million salary.

MLB Suspends Jose ReyesThe MLB star will still have the chance to take part in extended spring training and will be eligible to begin a minor league rehabilitation assignment on June 1st.

Reyes has agreed to punishment and will not file for an appeal. A statement was released by his agents to express his remorse. “I want to apologize for everything that has happened. I am sorry to the Rockies organization, my teammates, all the fans and most of all my family. I am happy to put this all in the past and get back to doing what I love the most, playing baseball,” said Reyes.

Jose Reyes will undergo counseling as part of the Domestic Violence Policy and has even agreed to donate $100,000 to “one or more charitable organizations focused on preventing and treating survivors of domestic violence.”

(MLB Suspends Jose Reyes)