Joining the List of MLB Legends

Everyone has dreams, goals, desires, aspirations we set for ourselves in order to achieve greatness. Unfortunately, there isn’t a “Life Statistician” who is keeping track of all of our good deeds, promotions, income earned, etc. And if there was such a thing, no one would really care for such trivial items. Instead, we thank the gods for sports. For many baseball players, they play to one day fill the shoes of the past MLB legends.

When it comes to keeping track of and analyzing statistics, baseball is the holy grail. It’s the origination of conflicting ideologies on how scouts and fans alike analyze their favorite players and teams. It’s enabled us as fans to play along with fantasy leagues customized to our preferred play style.

This year, several of our generation’s “greatest” players are chasing a plethora of different milestones. Let’s take a look at some of them that could be achieved during the 2016 MLB season.

Alex Rodriguez

There’s a fair argument that the multitude of accomplishments and records achieved by this man will be followed by an asterisk once it’s all said and done. But he’s going to break a lot more milestones until that day comes and there’s not much we can do about it but sit back and watch. Either way, A-Rod will be talked about for years to come and will always start argument when thrown in with other MLB legends.

With 78 more BBs, he will move into a tie with Hank Aaron for 27th all time. 137 more games and A-rod will tie the great Robin Yount for 15th all time. And although he had his 3,000th hit last season. Alex can tie the legend, Cal Ripken Jr on the list at 14th all-time with at least 114 more hits.

The most impressive streak for A-rod and this list is his HR totals. Just 27 more long shots and A-rod will move into a tie for 3rd all time with none other than Babe Ruth. The website predicts A-rod to get his 714th home run on 9/02/16 when the Yankees face the Orioles in Camden park.

Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro Suzuki, MLB,It seems like Ichiro is chasing or breaking another milestone every season. And this one is no different. Ichiro is a player that will be enshrined to the MLB legends list as soon as possible.

The Marlins’ outfielder can tie Craig Biggio for 21st all-time on the hit list with 125 hits this season. Should be a piece of cake for the singles king.

He can also move into a tie with Jack Doyle for 32nd all time with 18 more SBs this season, passing Barry Bonds who has a career total of 514 SBs.

Adrian Beltre

The 36-year-old, grizzled vet is entering his 19th season and has the opportunity to knock down some major milestones. Beltre is the epitome of consistency.

With 77 more RBIs, Beltre can move into a tie at 45th all time with Willie Stargell. 18 more home runs and he ties Cal Ripken on the list at 46th. And if he stays healthy and is productive, he has a shot at passing Graig Nettles and tieing George Brett at 29th on the list with the most games played at 2,707.

David Ortiz

MLB, David Ortiz

David Ortiz looks to have a successful last-hoorah.

Big Papi doesn’t have to do much more to earn him a spot in baseball’s hall of greatness. He’s already considered to be on the list of MLB legends. But that isn’t going to stop him.

With 73 more walks this season, Ortiz will pass Luke Appling and Fred McGriff to tie with Ken Griffey Jr. For 43rd all time. All of whom are MLB legends.

He’s also 31 home runs away from tieing Jimmie Fox and 33 away from tieing Micky Mantle for 17th all time. He can also move into a tie with Honus Wagner for 21st on the all-time RBI list if he’s able to knock in at least 91 RBIs this season.

Albert Pujols

Where to begin with Mr. Pujols? It seems he has already found himself on the list of MLB legends. In the end, the man will own a handful of milestones and records himself. He’s one of the rare players who has transformed himself into a baseball god. And were fortunate to still get glimpses of that greatness throughout the season.

The man (or machine) needs 92 more runs scored to tie him with Billy Hamilton for 26th on the all-time list. 146 more hits and he ties George Sisler at 49th all time.

He can tie the Paul’s Molitor & Waner for 11th all-time on the doubles list with 22 more double-baggers.

And it’s quite possible that Pujols can hit another 40 home runs this season, he did so last year. If he is able to repeat his numbers, it’s considerably plausible he can achieve his 600th home run towards the end of this season or early next year.

CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia, MLBThe 35-year-old big man needs just 11.8 more innings to achieve 3,000. Quite impressive during his 16-year career span. CC currently has 2,574 Ks and needs just 96 more to reach 2,668, tieing David Cone for 22nd.

Francisco Rodriguez

One of the stingiest relievers and best closers in the league, Francisco Rodriguez. He’s already appeared in 859 games and can reach 22nd on the all-time list with 49 more appearances (tieing Eddie Guardado).

He’s compiled 386 SVs so far and could tie Dennis Eckersley with 4 more at 6th on the all-time list. He could also move in to a tie at 5th (Billy Wagner) if he can finish the season with at least 36 saves.

Felix Hernandez

With 192 strikeouts this season, King Felix can pass the likes of Lefty Grove, Dwight Gooden, Juan Marichal and Rube Wadell. Tying him with Early Wynn for 46th on the all-time list with 2,334 career Ks.

Bartolo Colon

Bartolo can accomplish the same feats and possibly just a bit more.

With at least 125 Ks he will pass Early Wynn and Robin Roberts. This would tie him with Charlie Hough at 44th on the list at 2,362 career strikeouts.

Although, he won’t achieve the feat this season. It is interesting to note that the big fella is just 33 starts short of 500 in his career. This would tie him with Joe Niekro on the list at #46.

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