Minor League Pitchers, Giolito and Urias Could Make Their Debuts This Season

Every season we see minor league pitchers who come into the big stage and make an impact for their ball clubs. Last year Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz and Luis Severino all made instant contributions shortly after their call up from the Minors. Here are two pitching prospects who could make impacts this season and for many years to come.

Lucas Giolito – Washington Nationals

Minor League PitchersGiolito is highly considered to be the top pitching prospect in baseball and rightfully so. He has two elite pitches in his repertoire, starting with a powerful fastball that can touch 100 mph and a nasty curve with plenty of movement and spin. Those two pitches helped him over power hitters in the minors as he went on to strike out 131 batters in just 117 innings. He has also been working on a changeup to add to his arsenal and while it’s not a dominant pitch just yet, it has steadily improved.

Giolito has the potential to be a future ace on a pitching rotation that already has two great pitchers in Matt Scherzer and Stephen Starsburg. The Nationals will have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball when they’re finally ready to promote the highly talented 21 year old.



Julio Urias – Los Angeles Dodgers

Minor League Pitchers If Giolito is the top pitching prospect, then Urias is right there with him. Some may say he even has a little more upside. He is wise beyond his years and shows remarkable poise on the mound at such a young age. When you watch him play, it’s easy to forget he’s only a 19 year old kid, but that’s what makes him a unique and special talent.

Urias has three great pitches and he can use them all effectively. His fastball has a lot of life to it and can touch 96-97 mph and he complements it with a very good curveball and changeup. He dominated AA last year with a 2.77 ERA while striking out 74 batters in 68 innings.

The Dodgers don’t want to rush their prized prospect, but with their pitching rotation decimated by injuries, they may need to call is number sooner rather than later.

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