Fans love to see those moments when pro-athletes are almost as bad as the common folk. One mistake after another mounts and the stadium loves the clown music. Take the recent Indians-Yankees game as a perfect example.

The comedy of errors begins.

The scene: bottom of the fifth inning, Yankees at bat, runners on first and second.

A hard-hit ball to the Indians shortstop, Francisco Lindor, a potential double play.

Mistake #1: Lindor rushes and moves his glove before the ball is safely in his mitt. It deflects off the leather and rolls off to his right.

#2: Lindor chases after the ball and tosses it to his third baseman in a futile attempt to get the runner out. Unfortunately, the runner is safe.

#3: The third baseman, Jose Ramirez, was startled when his shortstop threw the ball to him. The ball got past the Ramirez and rolled away, allowing the runner to score, the next runner to get to third, and the batter to pull a double, instead of a double-play.

The Main Mistake

The next Yankee hitter lofts an apparent sac fly to left field. The Yankee runner immediately sprints for a score but begins to slow before reaching home when he realizes the throw isn’t coming to the plate. With two out, the Yankee runner on second decides to tag and head for third. He slides head-first and is called safe. But there’s no mistake, you say, because he was called safe. The replay shows that he should have been out. It was close. With the relatively new replay rules, it’s a no-brainer for the Indians to challenge.

The replay clearly showed the sliding runner was tagged before his hand reached the base and was tagged out before the other baserunner had scored. The run shouldn’t count and the inning should have been over.

One Last Mistake

The Indians manager declined to challenge and the play stood.

Though, truth be told, even in the midst of their comedy of errors, the professionals still survive to play another game.

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