Drew Hutchison Hit By Throw From Teammate, A.J. Jiminez

Drew Hutchison hitErratic throws are a usual part of baseball. During spring training is no exception. On Sunday, Blue Jays pitcher, Drew Hutchison, found himself on the unusual end of such a throw. “That’s what you get for being dumb and walking the lead-off batter,” Hutchison remarked with a smile after being struck in the back of the head by catcher A.J. Jiminez, attempting to gun down a runner at second base. After a short discussion on the mound, the training staff decided the Drew Hutchison hit was enough to take him out of the game.

“If it was a regular season game I would have argued [to stay in]. I knew I was fine, it’s just one of those weird things that happens”, Hutchinson told reporters after the game. Despite being in a battle for the fifth starting spot, the 25 year old knows the significance of head injuries in professional sports. With the expanding knowledge regarding the effects of head trauma and concussions, any head injury is a cause for concern, including the Drew Hutchison hit. Relieved by right hander Steve Delabar, the Blue Jays still managed a 7-3 Grapefruit League win against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Sometimes It’s Best to Expect the Unexpected

The incident occurred in the fifth inning after Hutchinson walked Brad Miller. The following at-bat by Steven Souza Jr, Miller attempted the steal. Seeing Jiminez rise, Hutchison crouched what he believed to be low enough for a safe throw. Unfortunately, the crowd all witnessed the Drew Hutchison hit. Fortunately for the pitcher, the ball careened into left field off of the back of his head instead of his face as he turned toward second to watch the play. The look on Souza and Jiminez’s faces said it all, being the two closest witnesses the Drew Hutchison hit.

Manager John Gibbons had a less subtle diagnosis. “He’s alright. He’s got a hard head. We’ve always known that,” he said about the pitcher. “It’s just one of those weird things. You just have to laugh at it.” At least his sense of humor wasn’t rattled.

Although his spirits are still intact, it would be safe to consider him day-to-day while further precautionary measures are taken and he is cleared by trainers and staff. Hutchison refused to blame Jiminez for the throw, insisting on it just being an unusual part of the game. Nonetheless, a part of the game that Major League Baseball has been trying to find ways to protect the players from.