You read that right. Charlie Sheen has revealed himself as the owner of Babe Ruth’s ring and the original contract that sent The Great Bambino from Boston to New York.

Sheen is selling the memorabilia through the same auction company that he originally bought it from. Josh Evan of the auction house is the same one who sold Sheen the gear in the early 90’s. Sheen has had them on display at his home for two decades.

“I’ve enjoyed these incredible items for more than two decades and the time has come. Whatever price it brings is gravy.” – Charlie Sheen

Sheen should make well over a million dollars for the sale of both items. He has said he hopes it goes to a collector who will love and share it as much as he has.

Charlie Sheen is Crazy

He has shown up so many times in headlines that it’s difficult to recount them all. His battle with drugs and alcohol have been practically never ending since he was thrust into the limelight years ago. His fortune that he made while starring in the hit show Two and a Half Men should nowhere near be depleted.

The selling of the prized baseball memorabilia comes at a time when he may need the extra money for lawyers and lawsuits. Sheen is in the news for exposing women to HIV, which he has admitted to contracting.

In 2015 it was revealed during another court case that just two years prior he had spent over $1.6 million on prostitutes, some of which he paid extra for to not wear a condom. Some women have come forward to say that they have contracted the virus from Sheen.


Sheen’s last project, Mad Families, was released by Sony on their streaming app, Crackle.