Cardinals SS Jhonny Peralta Out With Left Thumb Injury

St. Louis Cardinals SS Jhonny Peralta has seen his return from a left thumb injury delayed after he accidentally cut his right thumb on Saturday. He was celebrating his 34th birthday and injured it while trying to cut open a box that must have been tad too difficult to open.

Cardinals SS Jhonny Peralta

Cardinals SS Jhonny Peralta

Peralta, who initially tore a left thumb ligament near the start of spring training, received surgery days later and was expected to return shortly after.

While on a rehab-assignment with Double-A Springfield, Peralta had to get three stitches and is expected to be out for three or four days, according to Manager, Mike Matheny.

Matheny also stated that Peralta’s injury shouldn’t be looked upon as much of a big deal.


“I just don’t have any idea how someone could cut their hand. That just amazes me,” he joked. “I feel for him because I’ve been there. Fortunately, his isn’t a big deal, just a minor setback. We can’t bubble-wrap guys. You have to live life, and there are going to be things that happen.”

Matheny referenced a similar injury he experienced back in 2000 when he was a catcher for the Cardinals. He sliced his thumb while examining a hunting knife he received as a gift for his birthday — and as a result, he had to get surgery to repair a tendon.

Cardinals SS Jhonny PeraltaFortunately in Peralta’s case, stitches is far less serious than surgery, but it’s been much of a tough season for him. Aside from missing much of the season with his torn left ligament, Peralta has yet to play a game for the major league team.

With Peralta out, Jedd Gyorko and Aledmy’s Diaz will likely continue to step up and replicate his production until his recovery. The Cardinals, who came into the season weakened by the loss of Jason Heyward to the free agency, would face trouble making it’s postseason push if they lose Peralta in addition.

Peralta, who’s played both shortstop and thirdbase, is expected to return soon and there’s a chance he’ll play multiple positions, given he was able to successfully bat .200 with a double and 2 strikeouts with a 15 at-bats on his rehab assignment.

(Cardinals SS Jhonny Peralta Return Delayed)