In an un-ironic turn of events, the city of Boston has another cheating scandal on its hands. This time with the Red Sox but the story is the same; a team so desperate for a win they cheat the game they love just for its glory.

In Boston’s Defense

First, let’s try to defend the Bosox Organization. Boston has a crazed and even scarily rabid fan base. Celtics, Patriots, Sox, and Bruins fans will kill you, for no other reason than wearing a rival jersey and they will eat you. Yeah, they will. They won’t even bother cooking you to a delicate medium rare, they will stop your heart and then eat you raw, right there on Brookline Ave, and then wash you down with a cold beer at the Cask n’ Flagon.


So maybe the organization, in an attempt to retain their jobs, and not get eaten alive by a ravenous crazed fan base, did everything they could to ensure they stay ahead of the Yankees and make the playoffs. I bet you anyone would cheat if their life depended on it.

Now Let’s Crush Boston for Cheating

Ok, with a defense out of the way, let’s address what the hell is going on here; Boston sports teams seem to enjoy being embroiled in scandal. They know doing what they’re doing is wrong but do it anyway. Children do that too, just to see how flipped out a parent will get for defying them.

Boston fans will inevitably defend this just like they did with the Patriots, but honestly it’s just getting old. Just obey the damn rules already! Stop trying to cut every little corner for a slight advantage and just force feed your players massive amounts of steroids instead.

At least then we’ll get tons of home runs and bench clearing brawls. This secretly taping people thing is friggin’ creepy, voyeuristic, and getting weird.

What This Means

Hopefully, this means Boston and New York will meet in the playoffs and all hell breaks loose. Maybe this was just Boston’s attempt at making New Yorkers feel like their personal space has been invaded, as if New Yorkers could get any more annoyed than they already are.

Or maybe the Boston Cheatsox just like cheating for the sake of cheating. Maybe this was all just a ploy to get the Yankees mad.