The perennial professional farm team, the Atlanta Braves, have chosen a new general manager to replace John Coppolella.

The Atlanta Braves have decided to put their confidence in former Blue Jays and Dodgers executive Alex Anthopoulos to steer the Braves in the best possible direction. This completes the overhaul of the Braves organization.

It’s about time.

The Braves have not had a terrific run of things lately. They have not finished first in the division since 2013, making it to the playoffs that year and loosing to the Dodgers. Before that, they made a halfhearted run in 2012, incidentally Chipper Jones’ last season, where they lost in a heart-wrenching series to the Cardinals.

They certainly have not shown the same dominance that the team had when the pitching line-up was graced with greats like Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz.

As a fan, it has been frustrating series of losses and irritating trades. Every time the Braves seemed to pick up the pace and look like contenders, the Braves traded the person or persons responsible. Rafael Furcal, Tim Spooneybarger, Jason Heyward, the Uptons,  and Brian McCann are just a handful of those who have worn the tomahawk and no longer do.

How does this change things?

Hopefully, the Braves have finally made a solid choice. One that will give our players a chance to form a solid team that wants to actually play and win. How are they planning on making the changes stick? Well, Anthopoulos has been given complete autonomy of all baseball operations.  This means that he will have more power than any Braves general manager since John Schuerholz, who served from 1990 to 2007, which happened to include the 1995 World Series Champions.

Perhaps with his newfound levels of power, Anthopoulos will build and actually keep a team that can actually step up and win another ring, or at least make a sporting show of it. Who knows? Maybe this will be the start of the era of Braves dominance and knock the New York evil empire off their thrones. (Or at least be the next big thing)

#ChopOn Braves fans, and look forward to a new age.