Well, we finally have indisputable proof that Aaron Judge is, in fact, human.

In what could be classified as a walk-off celebration gone wrong, His Honor managed to catch a loose helmet to the mouth. The head wear was presumably that of Brett Gardner, the player who initiated the home plate festivities with single shot to the stands to end a stalemate in the eleventh inning.

No comments have been given by the big man himself, but Judge is still slated to start in tonight’s game which again pits the Yankees against the division rival Rays.

 I’m not gonna lie. I’ve chipped a tooth before, and that junk hurts. What’s sad is that Aaron Judge’s smile is almost as beloved as his ability to catapult leather-bound projectiles into the cheap seats. It’s as much a part of Judge as anything else, and it would be disappointing if that smile was blemished.

But let’s be real for a second. Sometime in the near future, the New York Yankees are gonna throw a substantial sum of money his way. And by “substantial sum,” I mean it’s gonna make Fort Knox look like a five year-old’s piggy bank.

The man will have plenty of money to get his tooth fixed. Besides, shouldn’t that be covered under workman’s comp, anyways?

Celebrations have proven to be dangerous in times past in the sports realm. As a Detroit Lions fan, there’s one particular celebration that is forever burned upon my memory. You know what I’m talking about. The “Stephen Tulloch ACL Tear.”


So don’t get me wrong: it sucks to break a tooth. But what sucks even more? Not being able to play the last three quarters of the season.

Celebrators beware.