Aaron Judge has taken the MLB by storm. He’s powered the New York Yankees to first place in an ever-competitive AL East, and currently sits atop the home run leader boards in a three-way tie.

Though Judge has 13 long balls to his credit already, he’s done it in fewer games than his slugger counterparts. Needless to say he’s been a  vital contributor to the Yankees’ offense thus far, but the impact he’s had in-game has been dwarfed by something else entirely. You see, he’s a giant. Almost literally.

Aaron Judge’s Height

Judge towers over other players at a whopping 6’7″, unusually tall for a baseball player. What’s more, he also tips the scales at 282 pounds. He isn’t simply an enormous baseball player: he’s simply an enormous athlete.

aaron judge

Aaron Judge after home run
Source: Twitter

Whereas it’s not unusual to see tall athletes in baseball, it is unusual to not see one a pitcher’s mound. Usually they’re the ones lighting up the strike zone, not catapulting souvenirs into the cheap seats. And none of them have his girth.

The only slugger to approach his size is Giancarlo Stanton, who is still an inch shorter and nearly 40 pounds lighter.

Compared to Athletes in Other Sports

Switch to a sport where big men are the norm: basketball. Household names like LeBron James and Kevin Durant have an inch or two on Judge respectively, but again Judge still outweighs them both by at least 40 pounds. Even DeMarcus Cousins, who is one of the larger players in the NBA, is nearly 15 pounds lighter despite a four inch advantage.

Even in football, where size can be crucial to a man’s success, Aaron Judge boasts a stature that is comparable to the NFL’s elite. Tight ends like Rob Gronkowski and Greg Olsen are usually in high demand, being a perfect blend of speed, size and strength.

Both bear similar builds, with Gronk standing 6’6” and 265 pounds, and Olsen a bit smaller at 6’5” and 255 pounds. Judge overshadows them both. He weighs less than Pro-Bowl defensive end J.J. Watt by a handful, but bests him on height by two inches.

In short, Aaron Judge is a monster. Not only does he have the power to back up that statement, but the sheer size as well. But while Judge’s size and strength are undisputed, the question on everyone’s mind at this point is if the Yankees’ new colossus will be able to keep up momentum, and help them regain the division title.