It’s that time again! No, not for March Madness. It’s that glorious time of the year when your favorite baseball players have come out of hibernation and have taken to heart the groundhog’s advice about early spring.

Last Friday, most teams had their pitchers and catchers report back and it feels good as a baseball fan.

  1. The unbridled hope that your team may just be the next World Series Champions. Whether your team experienced heart-wrenching defeat at the hands of your rivals or if you came up just shy of the big prize, it doesn’t matter. The slate has been wiped clean and the pages of the scorecard are blank. Your team has another 162 chances to redeem themselves, strike out or win it all.
  2. The excitement and joy that your new draft picks bring. Sometimes, like Chipper Jones, being the star draft pick can change a player’s life. Sometimes, it doesn’t pan out. But in preseason, that player has the chance to make their mark.
  3. Let’s not forget, the prospect of your team’s best players’ health intact. Sometimes your team is on a roll and that player who has been heating up gets hurt trying to beat the tag on first. There went your chances. Well, the winter is a great time to recuperate and get stronger than ever. It’s almost too much for one person to handle.

We’ll save speculating for another day. Right now we’re too high on the scent of pine tar and glove leather to focus on much else. For now, enjoy all that the preseason encompasses. Hop a flight or drive down to all of the spring training action. Be the rabid fans that Fever Pitch talks about. (#dated, we know) You won’t want to miss it. 2019 promises to be an exciting year.

What’s your favorite baseball thing you’re looking forward to? Comment below!