Not since Charlie Sheen donned horn-rim glasses and walked out to “Wild Thing” have the Cleveland Indians received this much attention, this time for factual events, rather than entertaining fiction.

The Indians have set the American League record for number of games won in a row with 21, breaking the previous record of 20 set in 2002 by the Oakland Athletics of “Moneyball” fame and tied the 1935 Cubs. Not only did they break the record, they obliterated it with how soundly they beat their opponents.  They scored the first run in all but 2 of their last games, outscored their opponents 139-40 runs, which is an average of 1.9 runs allowed per game. This is 52 runs higher than the Dodgers had in their streak earlier in the season.

Holy Crap!

This is incredible. Think about it, there are 168 games in a season, and winning 21 in a row is a huge accomplishment. The only other team that could even compare has an asterisk by their record. The Giants of 1916 went 26 games without loosing, but they did have a tie.

What Got the Indians Here?

Last minute trades are the cornerstone of the Tribe’s success. They acquired Andrew Miller, who is due to be activated in the next few days, Edwin Encarnacion, and Jay Bruce. Thanks to these bats, and spectacular pitching, the Indians are in a prime position to take the whole thing in October. They even have produced more home runs at this point in the season then the whole 2016 season.

What’s Next?

The Tribe look unstoppable, with one exception, the evil empire incarnate, the Yankees. They are the one team with a flexible enough bullpen to trump the Indians lineup. All this hype has even gotten Sheen’s attention. He wants to throw out the first pitch at the next game. Wonder if Wild Thing will make an appearance.