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Sports and handicapping has been a passion of mine my whole life. Honesty and consistancy are my daily tools. I always enjoy analyzing the angles of a game and determining which is the right point to be on. Many times, all the stats, trends and recent performances can be thrown out the window. A large part of being successful in this industry is that instinct you have on a game. My instinct and determination is right more times than not and I have learned to trust and go with it.  I prioritize on NFL, NHL and NCAAB. I am successful in all of: NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NHL, NCAAB and MLB.  My highest earnings always happen in NHL and NFL, but all sports provide you with some juicy extra spending money.

 What do you get when you go with me?

 You CRUSHING your bookies on the daily! I will provide you with the best picks out there. The key to success is finding the value on each and every card.  Just give me that opportunity and I will show you the way to make it happen!  There is is guys… you can sit on the couch and watch the tv while I win day after day, or you can join me and start CRUSHING AND CASHING together!  What are you waiting for?


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