TopGolf is World’s Next Biggest Golf Facility; Join the Fun

TopGolf is World's Next Biggest Golf Facility

TopGolf is World’s Next Biggest Golf Facility

If you haven’t heard about the new hangout destination that’s sweeping the world’s feet, it’s time to listen up. Topgolf is a completely new golf experience that is grabbing most of it’s interest from people who don’t even golf. Does that mean it has nothing to do with golf? Absolutely not. They’re just making golf, for lack of better words, more fun.

Located in cities around the United States and a few in the United Kingdom, Topgolf combines the competitive nature of golf with a laid back, bar-and-grill-like atmosphere and I must say, it’s quite intriguing. So, where can one find this cool hangout spot? What exactly is it? What do they offer? I know, so many questions.

Let’s get started..