Tiger Woods has made his highly anticipated return to the green, and there is some suspicion that it may have been too soon.

The former top champ of golf champ is creating waves in the Bahamas at the Hero World Challenge, but not for good reasons. Tiger Woods is currently tied for tenth (-4) as the final round of the tournament opens tomorrow.

Round One

Tiger started out strong. Tommy Fleetwood lead at -6, with Woods only 3 strokes behind. He shot a first-round 69 after 10 months of a break. He had five birdies and two bogeys. His fused spine wasn’t stopping him.


Round Two

Tiger Woods was still looking good in the second round, ending up with a 4-under 68 round. He finished just 5 strokes behind the leader, Charley Hoffman and was looking very strong. 10 months off of golf is nothing to sneeze at. As a professional, Tiger has logged countless hours for practice and it shows in the effortless return, though he does look rough at the end of the round.

Round Three

The break seems to have finally caught up with the 41 year-old, 14-time champion. He posted a 3-over 75 in a sloppy, windy round. It started off with a bogey right off the bat, and went downhill from there. Tiger Woods managed to keep it slightly competitive and have an eagle, but one wonders if his past exploits have caught up with him.

All eyes will be on the former champ tomorrow, to see what he can pull out. A second place finish isn’t far out of his reach.