Passions run deep in college football and it is no exception with the mascots of the said teams.

While we know this is not a comprehensive list of terrible mascots, these are our top five. This (entirely subjective) list is based solely on the mascots listed for the teams in the Division One schools.  Without further ado, here they are, the worst of the worst. The ones that make you scratch your head and fans hang their head in chargrin as they attempt to explain something that even they don’t get.

Honorable Mention: All the lame universities who don’t have mascots.

Because who leads your team onto the field?

#5 Western Kentucky University- Big Red

It’s a blob. There’s literally nothing to Big Red. He’s (it’s?) not even based off of the monster in Looney Tunes, which would be far more intimidating. There could have been deeper thought put into it, rather than some hangover joke that seems to have stuck.

Big Red

Mascot for WKU (Source: Twitter)

#4 Wake Forest University-Demon Deacon

I’m just gonna say it: he looks like a bad rip-off of Mr. Peanut, minus his impeccable style of a monocle and cane.

Demon Deacon

Mascot for WF (Source: Twitter)

#3 Ohio State- Brutus Buckeye

It’s hard to think about the personification of a nut that goes in your mouth. The actual mascot also looks like he would have a lazy eye if it wasn’t stationary.

Brutus Buckeye

Mascot for Ohio State (Source: Twitter)

#2 Syracuse – Otto the Orange

Otto looks like a kids drawing of an orange come to life. Also, nothing rhymes with orange, so chants become much more difficult. They seem to do alright without them though.

Otto the Orange

Mascot for Syracuse (Source: Twitter)

#1 Stanford-Tree

Sorry, Pac-12, I hate giving you the top spot for a bad list, but this was seriously a bad choice. A tree, not a lumberjack that has an intimidating axe, or a swarthy carpenter to make something with the wood, but a tree. The personification of the tree is worse.

Stanford Tree

Mascot for Stanford (Source: Twitter)

Think we missed one? Angry about the order? Post a comment and give us your thoughts.