Ever since 2015 The New York Mets have had a lot of pressure and promise. Their meteoric rise to the top of the heap in the National League after the trade deadline in 2015 was what makes baseball so awesome. So what the hell are they doing in Queens these days?


Familia, Matz, Syndergaard, Lugo, and Wheeler are injured. Huh? Who’s left? Season ticket holders and deGrom I guess. The at one time preseason pitching staff from hell has become an infirmary. Some may be back, some won’t but only the season itself will tell what the truth is and the truth is the Mets pitching staff looks bleak. Not ideal.


The Mets can’t hit. But to be fair that haven’t been able to hit in ten years. But without pitching you need some bruisers behind the plate. The Mets do not and a below .500 record will corroborate that. They aren’t the worst in the league by any stretch of the imagination. But it just seems that whenever they have a chance to put the game away they don’t.

Matt Harvey

The Dark Knight has tuned into a dark night. Tabloids are starting to print that he has crushes on celebrities (Adriana Lima has ruined the Mets season?), is running around the clubs, and in general blowing his contract money on staying knee deep in hookers and gin. The thing is, if he can’t get his head on straight, his big contract is going to dwindle. No one in the right mind is going to pay this guy top dollar to screw off. Then again we are talking about the Mets here. Plus, what was up with the burning pee pee thing last year? I don’t buy it.


The Mets are cruddy. It’s a tire fire. Fans see the potential in Queens but are witnessing an early sink of Titanic proportion. But here’s what’s awesome; it’s awesome. The Mets are “metsing” right now. Just enjoy it. Collapses, inopportune injuries, tabloid headlines, oddball stories; it’s what the Mets do.

We shake our collective heads as if it’s too bad, like we’re watching our pet goldfish get flushed down the toilet. But when the Mets poop their pants in public, or tweet out pics of large fake ding-dongs, it’s entertaining as all hell. Sports should be entertaining first and condemned for team negativity second.

If the Mets were undefeated right now we would be asking when the inevitable collapse was going to take place. Having the Mets as the National League dumpster fire means all is right with the world.

In fact, it’s awesome.