Sometimes the name really makes the man or woman. Sometimes the man or woman make the name. And other times it’s just funny.

The Greats and Their Name

These are the athletes that are mentioned in the same breath as the sport they play, usually transcending fandoms, sports and ages. They usually have a story that is widely known. These names are usually plastered over merchandise, cereal boxes, video games, and clothing. You usually don’t even have to use the full name to associate the player. These athlete’s reputations can even withstand some scandal.

Babe Ruth

Muhammad Ali

Tiger Woods

Michael Jordan

Wayne Gretzky

Usain Bolt

Michael Phelps

Not that these names represent the only names that could be on such a list, but there is no mistaking these names for anyone else and they are pretty much global in nature. Their name is their sport and their legacy all at once.


The Great Names

It is difficult to become a professional athlete. We know this, most of us dream of it and dismiss it just as quickly. The ones who are lucky enough to achieve this greatness should be revered and celebrated. Some athletes however, are only known for one thing: their silly names.  It doesn’t diminish their achievements and records, just makes them more humor worthy. Below are some of the most notable.

Jim Bob Cooter

Coco Crisp

Rusty Kuntz

Chubby Cox

Dewanna Bonner

Fabian Assman

Dick Trickle

Picabo Street

Misty Hyman

Kim Yoo Suk

Gaylord Silly

These are some you wont’ soon forget either, just not for the same reasons.

(Editors note: Dick Trickle smoking a cig under caution is awesome!)