“Yes, sir! Please come right in and make yourself at home”, Kevin Love says to defenders. He is a most welcoming and gracious guest.

After watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals, my buddy nick named Love “The Doorman”. “I couldn’t believe it”, he said slugging away at a Miller in my kitchen, “he just let everyone right in. He’s probably the last doorman in Cleveland.”

I couldn’t agree more. This guy playing a doorman has better defense than “The Doorman”.

Understood that Kevin Love had 2o something rebounds that same game. Those rebounds can be helpful for sure. And a few were offensive which always gives your team that second, or in one such instance, a third shot. But he literally walked back on defense more than once.

Let me write that one more time in case your reading this and it’s super early for you: He walked back on defense in the NBA Finals.

Kevin Love Can’t Defend Not Being a Defender

Granted, Kevin Love has never been known as a great defender. But this is the NBA Finals for Pete’s sake! It’s time to lay it on the line, leave everything you have left on the court and literally go for broke. It’s what made Mathew Dellavedova so popular a few years ago; he ended up in the hospital guarding Steph Curry. Now that’s playing defense.

Love is a frustrating player to watch. He’s listed at 6’10” and 250 pounds. He’s about as big as LeBron but you wouldn’t know it. His defense is thinly sliced Swiss cheese. I even tweeted about it.

I’m embarrassed to watch him on defense. It’s like watching an awkward Ben Stiller movie, where I actually almost feel embarrassed enough to turn it off, but it’s usually pretty funny so I keep on watching.

I’m guessing the Warriors take this thing in five games. Cleveland will get one in Cleveland because they have LeBron James and one time I saw him fly over the city of Cleveland and put out and start fires with the same river water.

Yes, the Cuyahoga river caught fire in 1969, a feat that has yet to be duplicated. Kind of like Cleveland winning another championship, or Kevin Love playing defense, one last time.