Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. That saying is probably as old as the game itself. It often said about the season and can also be applied to an individual game. The season can really be looked at as an ultra marathon. It’s stretches from the early freezing days of spring to the cool crisp late nights of autumn. Occasionally winter-like conditions too.

The middle of the season can be tedious, especially for those teams who have already disappeared from contention. And, their fans! So, how does someone keep the season fresh and vibrant? How do you, the fan, stay interested?

How Do You Ward Off the Summertime Baseball Blues?

Cures for that mid-season slump; a few ways to ward off those painful summertime baseball blues


Minor League Baseball

Have you checked out a minor league game? The stadiums are small, the setting is intimate, and the baseball is actually good. You might catch a star of tomorrow. You might catch a foul ball. And you won’t pay a fortune. While not quite going back to the roots of the game- you’d have to trudge to the nearest open field with your best buddies, lugging a few bats, a couple of beat-up mitts, and a bucket of balls -it does give you a glimpse of the game far removed from the glamour and high prices of major league ball-fields.

Cheer for a New Team

Your team at the bottom of the standings? Is your team the Bad News Bears of the Major Leagues? Well, try cheering for another team. You don’t have to jettison your home-town team for good – just for the season. It’s kind of an open fan marriage, if you will. Keeps the relationship with your old, struggling team fresh and vibrant!

Do Something Else

Why sit around and watch an error and strikeout-prone, run-adverse team every night? Get out and enjoy life. Turn off the TV, ignore the scores or read the sports section – for at least a month. If the end of June rolls around and your team is further out than you can count on your fingers and toes, then take a summer sabbatical and enjoy other things life has to offer.

Watch a Movie

With Netflix and Hulu and all the others, it’s easy to find your favorite baseball movie. Field of Dreams? The Natural? Bull Durham? Or, how about The Sandlot?  Which one is your favorite? Or, watch them all. Watch every baseball movie you can find. Even the clunkers. The Bad News Bears Go to Japan, anyone? While your team is losing another, you could be enjoying a wonderful night of baseball on the screen.

Watch Brockmire

What’s Brockmire? It’s a cable television show on IFC and also on Hulu about a disgraced announcer who comes back to announce for a minor league baseball team. It’s silly, preposterous, crude, vulgar, and not really about baseball. But, it is entertaining and kind of like what Major League would have been if it had been about minor league baseball, a half-hour long, and Bob Uecker’s character was just a bit darker and more dangerous.


There you go. Summertime baseball blues cured for all you baseball fanatics watching your team sink to the bottom of the barrel.