The idea that the Dallas Cowboys are still America’s team is a very outdated one. Bandwagon Boys seems to be a far more appropriate nickname.

How did they get that nickname? Did America have vote back in the 70’s?

It was coined during the 1978 Cowboys highlight film from the Super Bowl winning season in 1977. The players on the Cowboys were as well-known as the president and movie stars; as American as apple pie.

It’s time to change the name to the Dallas Bandwagon Boys.

Now, no one can argue the Cowboys sustained success during the Tom Landry years. Which also means no one can argue the only reason the Cowboys have been popular all these years was because they were good back in the 70’s and 80’s.

Does that make them America’s team though? No, America doesn’t have a team! They did nothing to deserve the title and there were actually much better teams during the 70’s and 80’s.

Let’s take a look at the Cowboys during the years when they became “America’s Team” (60’s-80’s).

The Tom Landry Years

Tom Landry’s run of success as Cowboys head coach started in 1966 and ran through 1985. He made the playoffs  with a total of 18 teams. That is impressive and it totally makes sense why they were so popular in the United States. (Or perhaps the best defense for Bandwagon Boys) But when one thinks of America, they think of the best! Number one! In theory, to be number one that would mean you are the champion. Yet over those 18 years in the playoffs, the Cowboys only won two championships. TWO! That is not worthy of being America’s team. Especially when you consider that during the same span of years, 5 teams had either the same amount of super bowl championships or more. (Packers -2, Dolphins -2, Steelers -4, Raiders -3, 49ers -2)

Sorry Cowboys fans, you aren’t America’s team. What truly represents America is a fan who sticks by their team through the thick and thin. Through the wins and the loses.

“What about the 90’s?”  “We won three championships!”

Yes, yes you did, you had a stacked offense and defense with one of the greatest coaches in history. The Cowboys would have dominated the entire 90’s if your dumb, power-hungry owner didn’t get rid of Jimmie Johnson after the 1993 season.

Johnson created that team, practically hand picked that team into existence and Jerry Jones still wouldn’t allow Johnson to have control over player personnel decisions. Sure, the Cowboys did win another championship in 1995 under Barry Switzer, but that’s because it was still Jimmie Johnson team, Barry Switzer was handed a gift, and after that season the Cowboys have yet to return to a Super Bowl.

So let us put some constant Texas-isms to rest. No, not everything is bigger and better in Texas. The whole don’t mess with Texas thing, no one cares. Finally, the Cowboys aren’t America’s team. They are the Chicago Cubs of the NFL. Nothing more than a team with a lot of television exposure back when TV’s had 5 channels and a massive bandwagon following. They are nothing more than an NFL team that hasn’t been very good in the last twenty years. Time to hop off the bandwagon boys and come back to reality.

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