Every sport has the identifiable number and athlete attached to said number. This time for the number 23. We aren’t going to just stick to single sports. Nope, this will be a brutal comparison of the best of the best who wore it. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but some important highlights.

We start with the number 23. XXIII. The number between 22 and 24. For the numerically inclined, it is the “ninth prime number, the smallest odd prime that is not a twin prime.” (Source) It also happens to be the number of times Julius Caesar was stabbed and part of a character name from the Marvel Universe, X-23, an attempt to make a twin Wolverine.

Vote for the best in the comments. This is the first in a series that will explore who actually wore it best.

The Obvious: Michael Jordan.

Sport: Basketball

Height: 6’6″

Nickname(s): MJ, Air Jordan and His Airness.

Achievements: 6 time NBA Champion and Finals MVP, 5 time NBA MVP, 14 time All-Star, 2 time US MVP and star of the 90’s epic movie, Space Jam.

Other worthwhile items: Air Jordan shoes, part owner and head of basketball operations for the then-Charlotte Bobcats and became the first billionaire NBA player in history and the third-richest African-American, behind Oprah and Robert F. Smith.

Space Jam (Source: Twitter)

Space Jam (Source: Twitter)

The Copycat: Lebron James

Sport: Basketball

Height: 6’8″

Nickname(s): King James, The Akron Hammer, L-Train

Achievements: 3 time NBA Champion and finals MVP, 4 time NBA MVP, and 13 time All-Star.

Other worthwhile items: hosted the ESPY’s and Saturday Night Live, as well as endorsement deals. Supposedly is going to be in the remake of Space Jam, though most really really hope that isn’t the case.

The fact that you had specify might be a sign.

The Cool Cat: Bobby Nystrom

Sport: Hockey

Height: 6’1″

Nickname(s): Mr. Islander, Thor

Achievements: 41 points as a rookie, All-Star in 1977 and Stanley Cup winner

Other worthwhile items: founder of the Bob Nystrom Award, given to the player on the team “who best exemplifies leadership, hustle, and dedication.” (Source)

Bob Nystrom

Bob Nystrom (Source: Twitter)

The Spicy One: David Beckham

Sport: Soccer

Height: 6’0″

Nickname(s): Becks, DB7, and Golden Balls (why would you admit this?)

Achievements: Player of the Year, Footballer of the Year and Best Male Soccer Player ESPY

Other worthwhile items: Married to Posh Spice, highest paid player in the world in 2013, and a UNICEF ambassador and the inspiration for Bend it Like Beckham.