With the summer months seemingly flying by, fans around the country are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the best of the fall sports, college football.

It can be a torturous wait. Counting down the days, having to fill your time with other meaningless things. Fear not! Here at Sportsngiggles, we have some solutions for your preseason woes.

Tips to Survive a Lack of College Football

  1. Follow baseball. Now, that doesn’t mean just sitting down and catching a game here and there. This includes a fantasy league, post season projections and all of the stats on every team. After all, you are trying to fill an important time gap in your life.
  2. Learn a new hobby. With the internet putting everything at your fingertips, you can learn a variety of skills that you never thought you would need. Everything from forging a blade, and creating decorative wreaths to finding that perfect Instagram filter and creating the perfect souffle comes in either video form or in a Pinterest tutorial, so get cracking. There are mason jars just waiting for your perfect touch.
  3. Visit your friends and family. Not only is this a great time-killer when talking to Aunt Rose about what inane achievements her son has accomplished (we all walk, Rose, get over it), but it also prevents your college football viewing from unnecessary interruptions. Familial obligations met and getting to see the game? Sounds like a win-win.
  4. Play football. Yes, it’s hot outside. Everyone posting on Facebook has reminded us of this fact. However, if you sweat enough ahead of the season, you won’t even think twice about enjoying all of the tailgating that you are preparing for. If you are really delicate enough to not want to endure the 100+ degree weather, join a gym. Same guilt free experience, but inside and air conditioned usually.
  5. Contemplate your existence. Considering the political state of our country, it won’t take much to give you an existential crisis that will have you out for weeks.

So there you have it folks, think we missed something? Have a different way you are going to survive? Comment below!