Way Too Early Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings; Who Should You Consider Picking Up This Season?

Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings

Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings

Fantasy football season is just around the corner. Well, not really, but once the NFL Draft is over, many people cannot wait to get their hands on some fantasy football action. Many people watch the draft simply with their fantasy draft in mind.

For instance, if you ask a Titans’ fan how they thought the first two rounds went, they would be ecstatic. Grabbing a really strong tackle for their offense line, Jack Conklin, and pairing him up with human destroyer Derrick Henry for their backfield would make any Titans’ fan feel good about the future.

Ask someone who is heavily into fantasy football, though, and the reaction is not as great. Now owners see a timeshare with current running back DeMarco Murray and future fantasy football stud Derrick Henry. This hurts the value of both players, but someone still has to draft them and it could be a headache for owners this coming season.

The draft is a humorous thing. It outlines the difference between football and fantasy football better than anything else can. One move might be a home run for the NFL team and a nightmare for people playing fantasy football. It is a selfish mindset to have, but it is a reality for those attending drafts over the summer.

Another example is this, and this one is much more positive. Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliot easily could have gone to a franchise where he would have been asked to shoulder the load on the offensive end. Instead, he will be going to Dallas, where 1,000 yard rushers seem to come from anywhere. Darren McFadden had a productive season behind that great offensive line last year. If McFadden totaled over 1,400 yards combined last season, what could the Ohio State product do this season? Elliot is on the perfect team to do well not only on the field, but should be a delight for fantasy football players as well.

Running backs are a hot commodity in fantasy football. A key part of being successful is grabbing not only a star running back early on in the draft, but finding value for them in all parts of the draft.

You need running backs to be successful in fantasy football and here we have a way too early list of the top ten projected running backs for the 2016 fantasy football season, so you can have an idea on how this season will turn out.