Floyd Mayweather Jr Might Make Return to the Boxing Ring; “You just never know.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr Might Make Return

Floyd Mayweather Jr Might Make Return

Floyd Mayweather was in D.C. over the weekend to promote four of his fighters. During fight night on Saturday, he revealed he has been in talks with Showtime and CBS in regards to his boxing career. He says right now he is happy being on the outside of the ropes helping fighters, but “You just never know.”

After defeating Andre Berto last September, Mayweather retired with a 49-0 record. Fans still want to see Mayweather fight the now retired Manny Pacquiao and Gennady Golovkin.

Mayweather doesn’t seem interested in fighting either of them. He says gaining the weight needed to fight Golovkin would be a struggle. Talks of a Pacquiao-Mayweather rematch have been teased and flamed since their last rematch a year ago. The pay-per-view fight recorded less-than-stellar viewing numbers.

It is quite possible for Mayweather to return to the ring for the win to set him above Rocky Marciano. If he returns, he says it would have to be a nine-figure payday.

Mayweather’s promotion company has applied for copyrights to trademark his infamous acronyms with a nod toward a 50th win. The U.S. Patent and trademark website has confirmed the filing of the names “TBE 50” and “TMT 50”. However, these are just 2 out of 140 trademarks the company has filed for.

Whatever Mayweather and his money team are planning, they have to deliver on the heels of a lot of hype.

(Floyd Mayweather Jr Might Make Return)