If you blinked and missed the NFL trades and recent off-season action, that’s okay, because there seems to be a lot of them.

In the midst of some of the most surprising off-season moves in recent memory, a lot of teams that risked it all for a superstar. Others simply went with the safest option. There were quite a few diamonds in the rough that shone through. Where they worth the risk? Only the season will answer that, but let’s see what impact the NFL trades had so far.

Malcolm Butler To The Titans

After getting benched in the Super Bowl, there was bound to be tension between the cornerback and Belichick. Fans, however are stunned that the Patriots are saying goodbye to the man who once sealed a Super Bowl victory his rookie year. The NFL trades always are a surprise and the Patriots are never a disappointment.

The Titans are a great fit for the 28-year-old.  He brings his flexibility, excelling at both man and zone coverage. Signing Butler is a huge upgrade for the Titans as they attempt to make another playoff run in 2018.

 Case Keenum To The Broncos

In 2017, Denver had three different starting quarterbacks and still ranked 20th in passing. None of the quarterbacks could keep the ball from being turned over, tallying a whooping 22 interceptions. Whether it was Trevor Siemian or Brock Osweiler, Denver’s passing game was atrocious and the team in turn suffered, so instead of chancing their future on a rookie, John Elway and the front office instead went with the 29 year-old veteran Case Keenum.

The seven-year veteran has bounced around four different teams including his most recent one so this was definitely a questionable signing at first.

However, go straight to the tape, and there is no question why the Broncos were so intrigued by Keenum. He brings his confidence and experience to an offense that lacks the leadership that Peyton Manning once had in the locker room. With his heroic performances in the first two games of the 2017 playoffs, there is no doubt Case Keenum is the guy for the Broncos future.

Jarvis Landry and Tyrod Taylor to Browns

These are the steps in the right direction for a team that desperately needs help. After a forgettable 0-16 season, the Browns got busy in the off-season and attained one of the best wide-outs in NFL history. Landry brings durability, consistency, and experience to a team of young receivers. Landry will give opposing defenses nightmares. Landry can read coverage and adjust his routes to present an easy target for the quarterback. His big body and hands make him a good security blanket when needed.

Tyrod Taylor wasn’t getting much attention from any teams. However, Taylor is a nice, safe pickup for the Browns with his record of 23-21 as a starter and plays mistake-free football, throwing for 51-18 in his 44 starts. Taylor brings a chip on his shoulder as he looks to prove people wrong with his ability to run the team and to be the main guy in Cleveland. He might not take the Browns to the playoffs in his first year, but he is an upgrade from anyone who has played under center in Cleveland for the past 28 years.

As usual, the NFL trades held a little something for everyone and we hold our breath as the off season progresses.