The Oakland Raiders are scheduled to move to Las Vegas soon. A new expensive stadium is being built for them. However, the City of Oakland is suing both the Raiders and the NFL in an effort to stop the move. No matter the result, either Oakland or Las Vegas will not have an NFL team – unless the League expands. A suggestion for an expansion team? The Felons.

Last season, there was a huge uproar when Adrian Peterson (currently with the Washington Redskins) was accused of child abuse. Ultimately, he plead no-contest to a misdemeanor.

In 2009 and again in 2010, Steelers’ player Ben Rothlisberger was accused of rape. Amazingly, he served no time for the heinous offense, although it did cost him a 6 game suspension and a few endorsements.

Years earlier, former QB Michael Vick was vilified for animal cruelty. He served prison time – but eventually landed a job with Philadelphia.

NFL players have some seriously bad people in their ranks. In 2018 alone, there were 33 different reports of wrong-doing within the NFL ranks. These infractions ranged from insider trading (Kendricks from Cleveland) to resisting arrest (Lauletta from the Giants) to multiple DUIs and drug arrests. Most of the cases from 2018 are still pending resolution – but at least one of the players is ambitious. Reuben Foster (San Francisco) was not only arrested in January for drugs, but managed to get arrested again in November for Domestic Violence. He was released by the 49ers the next morning.

At a quick glance at the arrest database for 2018, there are almost enough players to field a team. The new team name could be the “Felons”. That way, when someone encountered one of their players, they would know what to expect. No false advertising here. From 2018 alone, you have 3 quarterbacks, a half-dozen linebackers, and just as many wide receivers. The defensive line would be stacked pretty well too.

No matter whether Oakland or Las Vegas gets the Raiders, there is definitely room for another team. The “Felons” would meet the needs of the NFL. Both cities would have a team, and the NFL would have a place for the offenders. Uniforms would be easy – prison orange jumpsuits. The only problem would be keeping the parole officers on hand to unlock the kicker’s ankle bracelet.

So – which will it be? The Oakland Felons or the Las Vegas Felons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.