Miami Heat: Will PF Chris Bosh Play This Season?

PF Chris Bosh

Miami Heat PF Chris Bosh Continues to Have Blood Clot Complications

It has been a problem for two years now and still hasn’t found any end in sight. Miami Heat PF Chris Bosh first had a blood clot during the 2015 All-Star Games. It occurred in his calf, but later moved up to his lungs and caused him to miss the rest of the season.

Hoping to make a healthy and smooth comeback, he returned to the

PF Chris Bosh

                                 PF Chris Bosh

team last season and was actually playing very well. I mean, there’s no doubt that the Heat are a much better team with Bosh on the court. Through 53 games, he was averaging 19.1 points per game, 7.4 rebounds per game and 2.4 assists per game, while shooting 47% from the field and 37% from long range.

However, bad news would find its way back to Chris Bosh late last season when the team announced his blood clots had resurfaced. He ended up missing the final 29 games of the regular season and missed the entire Miami Heat playoff run.

With the new season quickly approaching, time is running out on Chris Bosh to get better. There’s a good chance the Heat give up on Bosh if they have to go another whole season without him, especially if it means more cap room to build with. Reports indicate that talks are continuing between the Heat and Bosh regarding a new medical treatment. The report states:

“With the Heat’s Chris Bosh, conversations are continuing regarding potential use of blood thinners that could be out of his system by game time. It remains undecided if the Heat will be OK with that approach (they weren’t when he suggested that last spring) or whether they will clear him to play.

There are mixed opinions in the medical community about whether a player who has had two clotting episodes in the span of a year (but doesn’t have the gene that makes him pre-disposed to clotting) should remain on blood thinners beyond the normal six-month cycle. Bosh falls into that category.”

If this does continue to go south, what could possibly happen to Chris Bosh? Could it be decided that his blood clots are life threatening, leading to the end of his career?

It’s definitely possible.

If the player’s association and the league both agree that his condition is life threatening, then he can be forced to stop playing. That would be a horrible ending to a great career.

Miami Heat’s Options Past Chris Bosh

There is still the hope that this was kind of a “freak” incident and he gets back to a healthy state in time for basketball season. If that doesn’t happen, what options could the Miami Heat have to replace him next season?

PF Chris Bosh

Josh McRoberts

One player seems to be Derrick Williams, who hasn’t had a bright career so far despite being picked second overall in the 2011 NBA Draft. He would give the Miami Heat an up-tempo offensive weapon that is good at getting to the basket and the free throw line. However, they would have to sacrifice his defensive abilities — which are scarce.

They could also stick with Josh McRoberts and give him a really good chance at breaking out this season. In the past two years with the Miami Heat, he has largely gone unnoticed and many have forgotten he was a part of the team at times. However, if they use him correctly as a stretch-4 and work him into the offense the way the Charlotte Hornets did in 2013 — when he took 291 three-pointers and hit 36% of them — then he could be just the spark they need.

All in all, we hope PF Chris Bosh can get healthy and get back to playing condition soon. He’s a huge part of the Miami Heat squad and can easily be the difference between another playoff disappointment and a championship run.

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