Top Available NFL Free Agents as of Right Now

Top Available NFL Free Agents

Top Available NFL Free Agents Still Standing

Top Available NFL Free Agents

Top Available NFL Free Agents

The list of 2016 top available NFL free agents has been diminishing quickly for the past few months, but what about the players that are still on it? Do they still have a chance? Or is their NFL career coming to an end?

Here are the top 7 NFL free agents as we speak.

Top Available NFL Free Agents

Top Available NFL Free Agents

7. Mike Neal

Linebacker Mike Neal was signed to the Green Bay Packers in 2010, coming from Purdue as a 2nd round pick. He has made 19 sacks in 68 professional games and didn’t manage to get more than 10 solo tackles until 2013.

Neal visited with both the Seattle Seahawks and the Detroit Lions recently — and it’s no surprise. The Seahawks are in dire need of new linebackers, but they’ve already picked up and signed 2 from this year’s free agency. The Detroit Lions share the same concerns as the Seahawks and this is why they’ve had Neal visit.

Neither team is sure whether Neal would be the greatest or most effective addition due to his low tackles and sacks. Injuries can happen at any time during training camp, so Mike Neal still has a chance to extend his NFL career.

Top Available NFL Free Agents

Top Available NFL Free Agents

6. Jahri Evans

In 2010, Evans was named the highest paid guard in NFL history. However, approaching the 2016 season, the Saints decided they wanted to pay him less. After refusing a pay-cut in February, Jahri Evans was released by the New Orleans Saints.

There are many teams currently in need of a reliable offensive guard and Evans could be the solution to that problem; the Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, and that’s just to name a few.

There is also talk that the Buffalo Bills are keeping a close eye on Evans because their current RG hasn’t been as successful as they hoped.

Top Available NFL Free Agents

5. Anquan Boldin

Former 49ers wide receiver, Anqaun Boldin, may not be returning to San Francisco after all. It’s been rumored that Chip Kelly has no intention of re-signing Boldin unless the new recruits aren’t what he anticipate.

His chances of being signed by another team are slim due to his age and overall ranking, but his leadership skills and experience may land him a spot.

Top Available NFL Free Agents

4. Greg Hardy

From skipping practice to a couple run-ins with the law, Greg Hardy is not making himself desirable to potential teams. His behavioral issues were exhibited on the field last season, during his time with the Dallas Cowboys.

He is talented and his career in Carolina was well played until his last season there. Overall, it’s unlikely that Hardy will be signed if he doesn’t find some way to show everyone he’s improved.

Top Available NFL Free Agents

3. Walter Thurmond

Thurmond is one of the most promising free-agents left on the list, but it seems he has lost his interest in playing professionally. He has turned down multiple offers and it’s been rumored that he is considering retirement at the age of 28.

He had a good season in Philadelphia, but now that everyone knows he’s thinking of leaving the NFL, he’s less likely to get a long-term contract.

Top Available NFL Free Agents

2. Arian Foster

Running back Arian Foster tore his Achilles’ in late October and says that he expects to be back at “Pro Bowl level” in a month. The teams that seem most interested in him are the Dolphins and Redskins, but if they sign him now it will be based on past performance and future potential.

Foster seems to have full confidence in his recovery and return to the field, but we can only hope his optimism is justified.

Top Available NFL Free Agents

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitz is currently the most sought after player in the Free Agency, but majority of the teams in the league have all the quarterbacks they need.

It’s been reported that Fitzpatrick has been sought out by the Broncos, but he doesn’t show interest in leaving the Jets.

The Jets have made him multiple offers, but it seems he must have a specific number in mind. It’s very likely that he will come to an agreement with the Jets in the weeks prior to training camp.

(Top Available NFL Free Agents)

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