Philadelphia Sports Teams Continue to Break Even

Philadelphia Sports Teams

Philadelphia Sports Teams Need to Break Out of Their Shell

The city of Philadelphia is amazing and Philadelphia sports teams are even more exciting.

It is a beautiful city rich with history and pop culture from Rocky to The Roots. Waiting in line for a cheese steak at Pats is not only entertaining but an art (Wiz Wit!) and the food and beer is plentiful and delicious. The Walt Whitman Bridge is a stunning piece of architecture, an amazing suspension bridge that leads you from New Jersey into the land of .500.

Philadelphia’s 4 sports teams are Even Steven. Some have had a slight amount of success over the other, but for the most part, the city of brotherly love almost always adds up to .500.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers have had the most recent success; in the last ten years they have made the playoffs a handful of times, losing in the Finals to a killer Blackhawks team in 2010. However, the last 4 seasons have had them out before the playoffs started or out in the first round.

The last time they held the Stanley Cup was 41 years ago.

Lifetime winning percentage: .591

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies have a history of long stretches where they are intolerable. They took a losing trip to the World Series in 1915, then didn’t have another winning season until 1950 — where they lost again.

The early 80’s brought some success, but they struggled again until a late 2000 run that brought them another title. Since then, it’s been all downhill finishing 20+ games behind the last 4 seasons in a row. One has to wonder if they begin another long stretch of finishing outside of the playoffs.

Maybe history won’t repeat itself this time.

Lifetime winning percentage: .472

Philadelphia Sports Teams

Philadelphia Sports Teams

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are one of the few teams left in the NFL that have not won a Super Bowl. They’ve had the privilege to get there a few times, but just can’t seem to turn that corner.

The last decade or so hasn’t brought them much success either.

The last 8 seasons have brought a loss in the first round of the playoffs or no playoffs at all. This season has found them in the middle of the pack again most likely just outside the bubble.

Lifetime winning percentage: .485

Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers have a long and delicate history of amazing players, but since Allen Iverson they haven’t really had any standouts — not to mention very few playoff wins. Overall, they have had some successes but the last 3 seasons they have barley looked like an NBA team.

This year seems no different.

The fact that they won their first game and it made the news should be alarming to 76ers fans, if there are any of you left. If this makes 4 seasons in a row of hardly winning more than 10 games, then the NBA should ship the team to Pittsburgh.

Lifetime winning percentage: .514

Winning percentage the last 5 years for all four teams: .450. 

Lifetime winning percentage for all four teams: .515

Even Steven, man.

Philadelphia Sports Teams Philadelphia Sports Teams Philadelphia Sports Teams Philadelphia Sports Teams

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