Las Vegas Raiders: Here’s What We Know

Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders; Update on the Team’s Potential Move

Las Vegas Raiders, the more we say it the more real it sounds. To some the idea is kismet, but to others — not so much.

It’s hard to disagree with either side.

The Raiders have strong roots in California, and fans have been loyal through enough already. Another move would add insult to injury. However, regardless of those roots, the Raiders are in desperate need of a viable stadium. As of now, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen in California. So…

The Las Vegas Raiders. Sounds good doesn’t it?

It’s hard to call it progress, when nothing definitive has come out of the many meetings the Raiders have had with The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee (SNTIC). Until the committee gives the go ahead, everything is speculation. As things stand, the price tag has reached 1.9 billion dollars and the committee has made no recommendation. Unless the developers can set up an early session, the next meeting won’t be until September 15th.

Even then there is no guarantee that a decision will be made.


Partnered by the Sands Casino Group, the Raiders and company have narrowed down possible stadium sites from nine to two locations. Both sites are relatively close to the Mandalay Bay Casino.

Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders

The rendering of the stadium is nothing new to anyone who followed the possible relocation back to Los Angeles. Satisfied with the Carson stadium, the team had Manica Architecture incorporate Las Vegas into the already existing plans.

It is impressive to say the very least.

A retractable roof, 65,000 seats and an eternal flame to honor the late Al Davis — being the former owner of the Raiders and father of current owner Mark Davis.

However impressive the rendering may be, it was not enough to garner a recommendation.


In order for the stadium to see fruition, the committee must recommend $750 million from public funding to the state legislature for approval.

The public funding would be covered by a tax hike imposed on Room Tax, meaning that the cost would mostly be fronted by non-residents of the state of Nevada. At a proposed rate of a maximum hike of 0.88 percent, the impact would be negligible on the average tourist. In previous meetings, the committee has suggested that they would prefer significantly less public funding.

Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders

Up until Thursday, it seemed that this was open to discussion. However, Rob Goldstein — President of the Sands — made it clear that the proposed amount of public funding is in fact non-negotiable and that if the total was not approved, the Sands would have to walk away from the deal.

As far as progress goes, since April we are down to two sites and a fancy rendering of Carson Stadium 2.0 — not much.

The Raiders have officially filed for three trademarks to the phrase “Las Vegas Raiders.” Without any concrete decisions from the committee it’s hard to see this as anything more than an act of good faith.

Tensions seem to be running high as the Raiders would like the NFL to vote on the relocation by no later than January, and thus need answers now. The committee, while seemingly in favor of the stadium, would like to see it come at a lower cost for the state of Nevada.

If the entities involved cannot come to an agreement soon, there will be no Las Vegas Raiders.

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