Ezekiel Elliott Just Doesn’t Get It, Especially the Law

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Ezekiel Elliott was video recorded exposing a woman’s breast while partying on a roof top in Dallas. Elliott has recently been under investigation for assault on a former girlfriend from last summer. The NFL reopened the investigation right before the Super Bowl.

With one ongoing investigation and now a possible new one, Ezekiel Elliott proves that he his judgement is beyond the pale. His on the field fire is apparently enough for the football world to keep him around in a jersey and pads. But is this a problem the Cowboys need to handle? Or maybe the NFL?

Roger Goodell, everyone’s favorite punching bag, has brought the hammer down incorrectly several times in punishing players for behavior. It all started with Ray Rice and was followed up by the Tom Brady deflated football “scandal”. Roger Goodell and the NFL will most likely take a stance on this Elliott situation that no one agrees with. They have a propensity for making the wrong decision at the right time. Not a great business model.

Bad Look for the NFL, Again

Many are clamoring for Elliott to face charges for his incident. His behavior is not only juvenile, but also inexcusable given the time frame to his past discretion.  According to the law, Elliott committed Assault.

Sec. 22.01. ASSAULT. (a) A person commits an offense if the person: (3) intentionally or knowingly causes physical contact with another when the person knows or should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative. – Penal Code

After the initial video was released another video was released. This one showed Elliott attempt to expose the women’s breast a second time. She slaps away his hand, only to expose herself to the crowd directly after. This can easily be seen as proof positive that the woman didn’t mind if her breast was exposed in the first place. This was the defense that Elliott and his camp used.

We spoke with Elliott’s rep who told us the woman wasn’t upset … and actually hung out with Zeke and a group of friends after the parade ended. -TMZ Sports

Although it could be spun that way, it seems to only prove that she did not want Elliott with his hands down her shirt. Technically in Texas it is legal for a women to be topless, although depending on the county she could be arrested for disorderly conduct. Either way, it seems that the Dallas Police could bring charges against Elliott. But that of course could hamper next season’s start.

The Truth About Elliott

This is not a Cowboys problem, or an NFL problem, it’s societal problem. This will most likely be another grey example of athletes getting away with crimes, big or small, because it would affect the team’s outcome. Besides that, it’s a bad look for the NFL and sports.

I’m sure most Cowboys fans will disagree, as long as Elliott is on the field next year. Unless of course, your a Cowboys fan and that woman’s father. Then what?

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