Felony Charges Dropped For Darrelle Revis

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All charges have been dropped against Darrelle Revis from an altercation in February.

Revis had been charged with four felonies, including two counts of aggravated assault. He was also charted with a misdemeanor count of making terroristic threats.

The incident in question took place late on February 12. Two men allegedly followed him and recorded him on their phone. Revis apparently went to reach for the cellphone, and that’s where things got hairy.

The two men were knocked out and accused Revis of being the assailant. He denied he touched them.

In court on Wednesday, the two men said they could not remember who knocked them out. A childhood friend of his testified that he was the one who knocked the two men out.


The New York Jets, where Revis has played 8 of his 10 NFL seasons, dropped him at the start of free agency. While they said his arrest was not a factor in their decision, it certainly did not give them reason to keep him on.

The day after his arrest, New York sports radio was flooded with callers who gave personal stories of encounters they had with Revis. Every one was positive.

Our country predicates itself on the timeless expression that we are innocent until proven guilty. NFL players, from DUIs to domesticated assaults, have chipped away public opinion of their nature. Now with any athlete, no matter how beloved they are, the public have the perception that the accused is guilty until proven innocent.

It is especially bad in situations like this, where a well-know all-star like Revis has his face on the front page of every New York tabloid (and there are quite a few) with suggestive headlines and premature judgement. It didn’t help that Revis had his worst year ever in the NFL this past season, and New York fans were over the Revis Island hype.


Revis, 31, is in uncharted waters as a free agent. He was once the most feared, least scored upon cornerback in the league. This past season he looked old, slow, and uncomfortable in his position.

But he said he feels he’s in much better shape than he was last year. And now he’s got a reason to play well.

The aforementioned incident, and trial, took place in Revis’ hometown, Pittsburgh. He’s expressed interest in playing for the team he grew up cheering for. He also said he would think of switching to play safety, a position that would require much less running, but one that requires leadership and experience.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were Super Bowl contenders in 2016. A determined vet like Revis might be the key ingredient for them to go all the way in 2017.

It would make the perfect ending to this chapter of his career.

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