5 Ways the Golden State Warriors Can Improve Your Business

Golden State Warriors

5 Ways the Golden State Warriors Can Improve Your Business

No. 1: Money

The Warriors Way: Besides KD, the other 4 starters make around 13 million a year.  Kevin Durant changes that, as he gets paid about 10 million more per year than the other starters. But if you factor in popularity — and you have to in the NBA — it makes sense.

I don’t see people clamoring to get a Klay Thompson jersey. What also skews the numbers here is Steph Curry’s contract. Steph makes 11 million per year. That is too low and this will be proven next year when that number will equal that of Durant’s or close.

The Business Lesson: Over-bloated salaries usually lead to a big head and someone thinking they should be able to call the shots even if they aren’t qualified — sorry final-season Kobe, I’m looking at you. Too many middle managers with bloated salaries lead to stalled decisions and internal fighting and arguments.

No. 2: Learn to Share

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors Mean Business

The Warriors Way: The Warriors average around 32 assists per night. This stat was a little bloated after a 47 team assist night recently.

Currently, the Warriors lead the team assist category by 7.

Efficient, fast-moving offense is an excellent way to tire out the defense, but keep your legs fresh. It leads to scoring which is pretty much the name of the game.

The Business Lesson: We don’t share enough. The companies and communities that share the most seem to win the most.

It naturally brings people together for a common cause and builds strong roots and culture.

Companies should spend some time giving back to the communities that helped them start.

No. 3: Have Back Up

The Warriors Way: The Warriors use a lot of 5-man combos on the floor every night, giving their starters time to rest while maintaining the highest efficiency rating in the NBA. They trust that their players will do the job they are asked.

Business Lesson: Success has to come even when your best people are away. Everyone needs to take a break, have a long weekend or enjoy a week-long cruise. The trick is having someone waiting in the wings to pick up the slack.

There are way too many people who are overworked, under slept, stressed out and go too long without a vacation. It causes a burn out eventually and the overproduction received in the beginning turns to under production in the long run.

No. 4: Start Winning

The Warriors Way: The Warriors win percentage over the last 3 seasons is .776. A bad night on the floor is easily washed away by their overall winning record.

Business Lesson: Build a winning culture and actually win. The work place will be better for it. It’s easier for everyone to get along in a winning culture. Even a bad day in the office, a lost contract or lost customer will be washed away quickly keeping the mood from turning sour — and staying that way.

No. 5: Evolve

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors Mean Business

The Warriors Way: We have yet to see a team be able to duplicate Golden State’s 3 point attack while still playing good defense. The over-valuing of the three is something that no team has ever done effectively because the percentage of the shot is too low, except for a few guys on the team.

The Warriors are not only leading the league in three point percentage, but overall field goal percentage and good defense keeps them with the highest overall efficiency rating.

Business Lesson: No need to reinvent the wheel, but be different while fitting in; don’t be the trend, set the trend.

There’s always new ways to innovate an old business and usually the best way is to use the talent that you have around you, play to your strengths and acquire more talent that best fits with what you have.

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