Jason Groome Top Rated MLB Prospect

Jason Groome Top Rated MLB Prospect

Jason Groome Top Rated MLB Prospect; Draft Day Approaching

Jason Groome Top Rated MLB Prospect

Jason Groome Top Rated MLB Prospect

While many of baseball’s best amateur players perform with a maturity and levelheadedness well beyond their age, June is the month when all it takes is the sound of a phone ringing for a top prospect’s heart to skip a beat. With the 2016 Major League Baseball first-year player draft fast approaching, a single call can forever change a young ballplayer’s life.

Monday, June 6th is likely to be a memorable day for Jason Groome, the 6’6″ LHP from Barnegat, NJ and’s No. 1 rated prospect. Groome may not be old enough to vote yet, but that’s alright; in leu of a ballot, he can cast a 96 mph fastball. And while tall, hard-throwing lefties are commonly favored by scouts as top prospects, it is thanks to Groome’s other attributes that he stands out among the stand outs.

His curveball, the threat of which makes the 96 mph fastball that much more daunting to a hitter, is a biting knuckle-curve and a true knee-buckler. His command of both pitches is well beyond that of your typical high-school-stand-out pitcher.

Also promising is what Groome is lacking: that vaguely awkward lankiness that often accompanies tall youngsters – the 17-year-old carries himself a way one associates with college draftees.

Groome has openly acknowledged his correspondence with the Phillies’ organization, who have the first selection in the upcoming draft, though little can be certain as to who will pick him up. In ESPN’s latest mock draft, from May 28, Groome is left out entirely from the Phillies’ short list, having been supplanted by Florida lefty A.J. Puk.

The last LHP taken first overall was David Price, nine years earlier, and comparisons between young Groome and the Cy-Young award winner are just begging to be made: the six and a half foot frame, the dominating fastball, the fluid leg lift and powerful stride, and so on.

What is certain is that June 6th is just the start – Groome’s potential is enough to give this writer a chill. Must be a draft coming.

(Jason Groome Top Rated MLB Prospect)

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